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What Is PBX?

PBX stands for private branch exchange. In simple terms, a PBX is the backbone of a corporate phone network. Small companies typically use multiple-line systems to handle their incoming and outgoing phone calls, letting their phone carrier handle the management of those lines. In this scenario, four lines come into the business and are all visible on a multiple-line phone.

What Is IP PBX?

IP PBX is the application of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to Private Branch Exchanges (PBX). Company telephone networks are carried over the data network.

Advantages of PABX

Incoming Call Control: Live operators receive and direct incoming calls to internal office personnel. A live operator gives a business organization a personality and the opportunity to interface directly with customers, clients and the public. When the auto attendant mode is used incoming callers are offered options to connect them to the right parties.

Internal Call Control: A PABX system provides connections between all internal phone stations without requiring operator intervention. Every station can dial any other station within the system. If a user does not know the extension number for another person on the system, an online directory may be accessed by voice interaction to provide the correct extension and make the connection.

Speed Dialing: A speed dialing feature permits frequently connected parties to dial one another with a single button. This eliminates dialing errors and speeds up communication between parties.

Automated Information: Call directing information can be programmed into a PABX. This improves customer inquiries by creating direct access to internal departments or individuals. Incoming callers reach key contacts without speaking to an operator or receptionist.

User Friendly: It is easy to train personnel to use PABX systems and station handsets. Many functions are noted on standard buttons and supported by voice interactive inquiry functions within the system.

Higher Call Volume: A PABX can automatically receive and direct large numbers of calls at the same time. Incoming callers do not have to wait in line for an operator to answer and direct their call to the proper internal station.

Hands-Free Operations: Operators and heavy telephone users on a PABX system can take advantage of hands-free headsets. Headsets provide freedom to move around while conversing on the phone. Users do not feel confined by telephone cords.

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