Bakery & Sweets

ERP Solutions


Keep the flow of the customer in a sweets & bakers shop is the ideal goal for all bakery owners. With United Global Technology Bakery software you can control the flow of orders, customers and maintain your stock with each order. Our bar coded software allows you to perform a fast checkout counter. Our software can also be integrated with Accounts Module adding more control to your expenses & profit loss.Our software can also be extended to multiple billing counters and even at sales man counters, this allows the sales man to feed the items directly in the customers bill. With advance users management module you enable and disable rate, price option to salesman and at checkout counters.


• Increased competition from online health retailers and large supermarkets.

• Ability to manage and identify “best before” and expiry dates.

• Ability to manage bulk items as well as do batch control when receiving and selling stock.

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