Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management


Our Restaurant Management Software is designed to give restaurants all the tools it requires to speed up service and increase efficiency of operations. The customizable options offered in the system is ideal for any restaurant type including fine dining restaurants, bistros, fast food chains, cafes, bars, etc. No matter what kind of establishment, TechPOS Systems! helps the staff to complete their tasks efficiently in line with their operational style and business.

Software works on touch screen as well as on desktops. The main modules include table reservation, material management, web based reporting, kitchen display system, loyalty programs, promotions and gift vouchers, payroll, definition of standard recipe and lot more. Restaurant or Bar managers can easily manage menu items, inventory, indent, new orders, delivery and also reservation with TechPOS Systems Point Of Sale Software.

Tech POS offers Graphical presentation of Floor Plan and different sections of outlets with real time table status.

Tech POS offers Integration with KOT Printers, Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, Touch Screen Hardware, Customer Display Pole, PDA, Caller ID, Barcode Scanner and other hardware.

Tech POS supports configuration of Happy Hour Menu, Set Menu, Multiple Menu Rates, Multiple Currencies , Multiple languages.

Tech POS comes with very easy interface to make KOT, Guest Check, Receipt, Settlement, Split Receipt, Table Change etc.

Tech POS is able to run smoothly on PDA and iPad which will allow your restaurant’s executive to take orders through PDA and iPad.

Customized KOT, Guest Check and Receipts format, User can customize these structure themselves.

Wirelss Order Taking


When your staff takes an order, they simply key it into the PDA and the order is instantly transmitted through your Wi-Fi wireless system to any printer in the bar and/or kitchen, so the waiters can then progress to serve the next customer.Orders can be transmitted directly from the PDA to the bar or kitchen via WiFi, allowing your employees to spend more time with guests and less time walking back and forth.

The functionality and stylish appearance of the PDA is especially suited to the hospitality environment thanks to its compact size, lightweight design, and durability.

iPAD Order Taking


Taking orders and processing payments should be simple, precise, and quick. The front end features included in Tech POS facilitate a seamless dining experience for your customer, while making your employees’ jobs less stressful and allowing them to focus on the quality of their service.

Save time and avoid confusion with seamless order taking. You can see your order, add items and modifiers, and take payments all from a single screen. Take and send orders right from the table to save time.

Electronic Menu


Visualize the restaurant menu according to your restaurant that evokes the brand and introduces your menus in the most interactive manner with Tech POS eMenu App. Digital Restaurant EMenu (Electronic Menu) offers robust features that not only help your restaurant to update the menu anytime but also improves the overall dining experience. The tablet menu provides a user-friendly interface offering smooth navigation and browsing through digital menu a delightful experience. eMenu application supports Apple iPad and Android Tablets giving your freedom to choose best platform of your choice. This Android App or Apple Ipad App is often classified as Digital menu software, Restaurant menu app, Tablet Menu System or even Mobile Restaurant Menu System.Tech POS eMenu offers many working modes which can be adapted by any restaurant type with ease. As each restaurant has different operational methodologies, the Operation Modes will give freedom to the restaurants to adapt according to their own requirements.

Call Center for Restaurant


When it comes to carry-out, delivery and catering, only 5 to 25 percent are ordered online. While this number continues to grow, customers are still placing orders by phone. So why not streamline the phone ordering process with the Tech POS Call Center solution. Reduce labor costs, improve check averages, and enhance the customer experience while closing the loop on data collection across all ordering channels. And since the Tech POS Call Center solution is tied into the core Tech POS platform there is no additional menu management. So whether the customer chooses to order online or by phone, you have access to profiles and preferences – making the call-in ordering process simple for them and smart for you.

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