Data Solutions

Data Solutions


We are specialized in Computer Support Services, ERP, Point of Sales, IT consulting Services, Server Backup & Disaster Recovery and CCTV, IT Managed Support Services, Business Telephony Systems, Server and Network Infrastructure Security and other IT Services. We are also System Integrators and suppliers of high performance HP server, Cisco products. We are committed to provide total customer satisfaction by providing you the best products and quality service supports when it comes to information technology.

  • Integration & Migration
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Quality & Design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Database Engineering

TECH POS works with its clients though a combination of deep-level business and technical expertise, an extensive knowledge of today’s technologies including innovations around web and cloud computing, and a mature and highly capable delivery and services infrastructure. TECH POS’s offerings help our customers improve processes, reduce data centre and infrastructure costs, manage risk and governance and enhance top-line revenue. Our business approach is based on establishing long-term partnerships that encourage success through mutual benefit.

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